BELS March 2021 Update

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Rupert Vessey to the BELS Advisory Council. Based in the US as EVP and President of Research & Early Discovery for Bristol Myers Squibb, his work includes several initiatives in the UK. His perspectives on the sector in the UK and globally will be invaluable as we expand the work

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BELS February 2021 Update

Thankfully, COVID lockdown restrictions are now easing. The number of daily COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the UK recently hit record highs. Over half of the adult population has now received at least one dose of a vaccine, and 2,228,772 people have been fully vaccinated. While the UK health and life sciences sector has made

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BELS January 2021 Update

British-educated life scientists at home and abroad share a heritage of great achievement which continues demonstrably and collaboratively amid the COVID pandemic. Since founding BELS 20 years ago, we’ve operated under the premise that only good things can come from strengthening connections between British-educated life scientists and the UK health and life sciences. With this

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A British Call to Arms to Crack COVID-19

Much like the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win World War II by breaking the German Enigma Code, a swiftly-recruited, specialist-volunteer team from Barts Health, Queen Mary University of London and Genomics England is assembling at Charterhouse Square in Central London to decipher the highly-complex, virulent-virus COVID-19. Led by Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, Chief Scientist at

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Soft Power Can Deliver a Powerful Punch for UK Life Sciences

For the UK to fulfill its international aspirations in the life sciences, tapping into the soft power of its influential diaspora, including the 3,000+ life science leaders within the British Expats in Life Sciences (BELS) global community, should be a high priority for UK organisations across our sector—government, quasi-government orgs, industry, academia, charities, healthcare orgs, service providers,

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Daring to be great as we face Brexit

British Expats in Life Sciences (BELS) is engaging with British-trained health and life science leaders around the globe With major changes afoot impacting our laws, regulations, trade and talent, discussions at the Summit will centre on the UK in a post-Brexit world and the significant work underway to position our sector as a centre of scientific

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Beyond the Headlines—Spinning Brexit

In competing for our attention, newspaper headlines and television sound bites assault our senses, beckoning us with sensational breaking stories. At times, the news can emanate from someone’s posturing (defined as ‘behaving in a way that is intended to impress or mislead’).  An extreme case in point is the interminable cycle of this US presidential

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