About BELS

What — Insights, introductions, interactions

Members of the BELS community cherish their ties to the UK, and most welcome opportunities to strengthen connections with the UK life sciences. These prestigious British-educated assets can be of high value to the UK.

The BELS team delivers UK-focused news of the sector, along with insights, introductions and interactions, serving as a portal into the UK health and life science sector and out to other global life science markets. We foster international collaboration and commerce to benefit members of our community and their organisations along with the sector in the UK and globally.

Who — Awesome health & life science leaders

The BELS team carefully oversees The BELS List, maintaining trusted relationships with British-educated health and life science leaders around the world, serving as their point of contact, accessing them appropriately and sparingly, which is critical as the majority hold leadership positions within their global organisations.

Where — Here, there & everywhere

BELS operates in London and Boston but fosters connections and collaboration around the globe. Members gather occasionally in the UK, sometimes in-market, others times virtually.

Why — Collaboration is where it’s at

The importance of connections and communication to collaboration and cooperation are incredibly clear in the time of Covid when the world is relying upon our sector to save lives. BELS keeps Members apprised of developments in the UK health and life sciences. We effect introductions and organise events to enable meaningful dialogue with the right people—which can spark innovation and speed advancements which benefits BELS Members, their organisations, and the sector in the UK and globally.

How — Like a dog with a bone

Since forming BELS 20 years ago, we’ve been finding and building trusted relationships and engagement with British-educated life scientists, following their careers, and encouraging interactions and business with peers in the UK. Most retain a keen interest in the UK. And BELS serves as a fast-track connector to them to impact collaboration, commerce and progress.

Us — Nimble, connected, determined

The BELS team is keenly aware of how and why to find and link to diaspora and other alumni of UK universities. It started with developing a network of Scottish expats in the late ’90s which morphed into today’s Global Scots. Next, we identified British expat life scientists, first in the emerging Massachusetts biotech market, then across the US and Canada to form British Expats in Life Sciences in 2000. Since relocating from the US to the UK in 2010, we’ve embedded in the sector here and expanded our remit to include the health and life sciences. In 2020, we rebranded to British Educated Life Scientists, reflecting our meaningful contingent of British-educated, talented non-nationals. We use our skills, experience and credibility to attract an influential audience, generate content that resonates, deliver worthwhile interactions that strengthen our community, connections and collaboration.

You — How can you help & benefit?

BELS strategically promotes and aids the UK health and life sciences by proactively providing UK-focused news, analysis and events to influential targets; and by reactively responding to requests for information and introductions. BELS Members, corporate/group Affiliates and Partners gain global visibility, connections that short cut the route to decision makers, and the chance to influence BELS activities and impact.

BELS relies on subscription fees and Partner support to achieve our vision, mission and aims.