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BELS Gathering in Boston — October 17, 2023

The BELS community will assemble in Boston, the region with the largest collection of British-educated life scientists outside the UK, for an evening of networking and engaging discussion with Leading Lights from the BELS community.

  • Date: Tuesday, October 17th
  • Time: 5-7:30 pm
  • Venue: Wolf Greenfield, 600 Atlantic Ave, Boston
  • An update on BELS—progress made and looking ahead
  • Exploration of innovative developments in the UK—a life science hub of strategic import to our global industry
  • Discussions with Leading Lights from the BELS community—thought leaders with insights and experience of the UK health & life sciences
    • Dr Gillian Cannon—Head of Commercial Innovation/ Roivant, Board Member at Edinburgh Innovations & Our Future Health
    • Dr Melanie Ivarsson—Chief Development Officer/ Moderna
    • Dr Rupert Vessey—Chief Scientific Officer/ Flagship Pioneering
  • Consideration of UK government’s ambition to be recognized as a ‘scientific superpower’—what’s entailed and how BELS can help
  • A generous helping of networking and camaraderie
Who’s invited? 

Highly-accomplished British Educated Life Scientists working abroad

For more information, contact Nigel Gaymond,

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BELS further links the community via our news streams, introductions to key individuals and organizations in the BELS community and within the UK life science ecosystem, connections to potential partners, investors, service providers, etc.

BELS Brief Chats, our podcast, provides inspiration and insights, exploring key issues, current trends and hot topics of interest to the BELS community.  Listeners can gain pragmatic advice from UK life science leaders and get to know BELS Leading Lights and Hall of Famers through glimpses into their lives and professions.

BELS Forums assemble members of the BELS community along with leadership from the UK health and life science sector for a unique 1- to 2-day events so that together we can strengthen connections; share knowledge and assess trends; enable new prospects for commerce, collaboration and progress; and consider a new vantage for the UK and our global partners in a post-COVID, post-Brexit world.  Interested in collaborating on such an invite-only event? Contact Nigel Gaymond

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