BELS Guiding Principles

BELS operates within a set of  Guiding Principles, as set out in the pledge below. As such, the BELS database is not shared outside the organisation. This is both to protect members of our community from being inundated with approaches and to exert a level of quality control over interactions. You will always control your involvement. The BELS organisation acts as a screening mechanism to offer you selective, appropriate opportunities for engagement, and to broker your requests for insights, introductions and interaction with other members of the BELS community.

Our pledge to BELS community members

  • To inform you of developments and opportunities in the UK health and life sciences
  • To present specific tailored opportunities to targets among the community
  • To act as a trusted clearinghouse for inquiries from all interested parties
  • To act as a trusted clearinghouse for speaking opportunities for targeted BELS members
  • To protect privacy of BELS members and limit access to them
  • To not share the contact details of BELS members without their express permission
  • To quality control interactions with UK entities, to the extent possible and appropriate
  • To provide members of our community with opportunities to engage with each other in-market and while attending events in the UK

BELS relies on Membership fees and support from our Affiliates & Partners to fund our work.  Please  join BELS now!

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