BELS Brief Chats Episode #14 – Dr Gillian Cannon

Dr Gillian Cannon currently serves on multiple boards and in an executive role at Roivant as Head of Commercial Innovation. Her 30-year career has included leadership roles in major pharma including Merck & Co, UCB and Otsuka Pharma. She hails from Newcastle, received her BSc from Edinburgh University and earned her PhD in Health Administration at Temple University. While Gillian resides in Princeton, New Jersey, she generously shares her expertise, experience, perspectives, and time with organizations and individuals in the UK, e.g., serving on the boards of Edinburgh Innovation and Our Future Health*, the UK’s largest ever health research programme, bringing 5 million people together to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. As a result, Gillian’s perspectives on the UK life science scene are well informed and au courant.

“We are all British-educated life scientists so we have stuff in common just by being that.”

“The better the UK is seen for its innovation and its science, the better it is for all of us. We can publicize how great the UK is, but also get involved in making it greater.”

With BELS there is real opportunity to do something really productive to help the country and the companies we work for.”