Affiliates & Partners

The purpose of BELS is captured in our tagline: Strengthening Our United Kingdom of Life Scientists.

The BELS team is adept at finding and connecting to British-educated life scientists, including British diaspora and non-nationals educated at our universities. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been building the BELS community, currently 3,500+ strong, cultivating relationships, building trust and establishing engagement to expand their awareness of and involvement in the UK health and life sciences. The BELS brand and our reputation as a connector are well established within this special community of life science leaders as we work to encourage and expand collaboration, commerce, and progress for patients by tapping into their influence, reach and collective spirit.

BELS benefits our Members, Corporate/Group Affiliates and Partners by proactively providing news, analysis and events; and by reactively responding to requests for information, advice and connections. We have the expertise and credibility to attract and engage a global audience, generate content that resonates, and deliver compelling content and worthwhile events that strengthen and expand our community and foster international collaboration and commerce.  

BELS contributions to the sector

  • Building a community of top-notch global assets with an affinity for UK life sciences
  • Establishing solid engagement with them
  • Accessing their influence, reach and collective spirit
  • Promoting UK life science sector and organisations therein
  • Strengthening connections with life science leaders and their spheres of influence
  • Equipping British-educated life scientists to serve as informal ambassadors for UK life sciences
  • Attracting & accessing talent, capital, technology, KOLs, collaborators, customers, advisors
  • Serving as a portal into UK & out to global markets


Open to organisations wishing to strengthen and expand connections with the BELS community and generate awareness of their organisations with an established, influential global audience of life science leaders via the BELS website, events (physical and online), and distributed communications

  • Increase your brand profile in key global markets
  • Connect with life science influencers and decision makers
  • Showcase your capabilities to an international audience
  • Support enhancing and extending the global reputation of UK life sciences


Open to select organisations that wish to partner with BELS to strengthen connections for commerce and collaboration. The BELS team will work to deliver value to our Partners in tangible ways, working collaboratively, developing a bespoke work programme to benefit them. We will provide opportunities for brand and profile expansion with the global BELS community throughout the year with recognition across the full extent of the BELS activities.

  • Reach international target markets
  • Connect with life science influencers and decision makers, partners, investors, and customers in the US, UK and other global markets
  • Showcase your capabilities to an international audience
  • Support enhancing and expanding the global prominence of the UK as an amazing health and life science hub
  • Extend the reach and reputation of your organisation with an international audience of executives, clinicians and academics, etc
  • Gain a global partner with access to information and connections helpful in tackling critical issues, market expansion and penetration, and other business challenges
  • Attend and participate in BELS events
  • Contribute to development and prioritisation of BELS activities via quarterly strategy sessions

To explore becoming a BELS Affiliate or BELS Partner, please contact Nigel Gaymond ( We will follow up to discuss any questions you might have, establish your expectations, and provide details of current Partner rates.