BELS Members are accomplished, British-educated, and working overseas in the health and life sciences (having a primary involvement in aspects of the broad health and life science space). We also welcome UK-based life scientists who have spent time in positions based abroad. We also gladly accept involvement from Affiliate and Partner organisations that wish to support BELS and create awareness and connections with our influential global audience.

The purpose of membership is captured in our tagline: Strengthening Our United Kingdom of Life Scientists. BELS works to expand members’ awareness of and involvement with the UK health and life sciences, serving as a connector to them to boost collaboration, commerce, and progress by tapping into their influence, reach and collective spirit.  Click here for Membership Categories & Fees

“BELS is doing great work – UK Life Sciences have never needed international networking more than at present. BELS has my strong personal support.”    Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive, Medical Research Council until 2019, currently Executive Director of the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health & Regius Professor of Medical Science at Edinburgh University

“George Bernard Shaw claimed ‘England and America are two countries separated by a common language.’ As a dual national with over 20 years of biopharmaceutical experience from each nation, I believe the opportunities to learn from each other are immense. We have a common heritage, but we do things differently. Diversity is a source of innovation, and BELS can facilitate an exchange of ideas through its extensive network of experienced, expatriate life science executives, for the benefit of our industry and the patients we serve.”   Dr Stephen Hill, CEO, Faraday Pharmaceuticals, Seattle, Washington, USA

BELS Corporate/ Group Affiliates and Partners are clearly vital to our community as they play key roles throughout this UK sector. Click here to learn more.