The BELS community is comprised of individual British expats and other overseas alumni of UK universities who are health and life science leaders working globally in the sector. We also welcome the involvement of UK-based life scientists who spent time in positions based abroad. BELS UK Partners are clearly vital to our community as they play key roles throughout this UK sector.

“BELS is doing great work – UK Life Sciences have never needed international networking more than at present. BELS has my strong personal support.”    Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive, Medical Research Council, UK

10 Ways to Get Involved with BELS

  1. Keep up to speed on the UK health and life science sector by reading BELS communications; feel free to share them with your peers
  2. As appropriate and as opportunities present themselves, act as an informal ambassador for the UK health and life sciences; share news of developments and its strengths and opportunities
  3. Attend BELS in-person and online events
  4. Give us feedback (good and bad/constructive) as it comes to mind; respond to BELS surveys as your insights can assist the sector strategically
  5. Get in touch if there’s anything specific with which BELS could help you or your organisation, e.g., introductions, information, research, connections into other markets
  6. Contemplate playing a more active role in the sector here;  if you want to explore returning to the UK on a full- or part-time basis, we’re happy to help you make connections
  7. Look for opportunities to collaborate with organisations in this UK sector as a partner or customer of UK goods and services
  8. Become a BELS Member if you’re an individual expat or other overseas alumni
  9. Become a BELS Partner if you’re a UK organisation
  10. Spread the word about BELS as we’re looking always looking for ways to build and strengthen the community

“George Bernard Shaw claimed ‘England and America are two countries separated by a common language.’ As a dual national with over 15 years of biopharmaceutical experience from each nation, I believe the opportunities to learn from each other are immense. We have a common heritage, but we do things differently. Diversity is a source of innovation, and BELS can facilitate an exchange of ideas through its extensive network of experienced, expatriate life science executives, for the benefit of our industry, and the patients we serve.”   Dr Stephen Hill, CEO, Faraday Pharmaceuticals, Seattle, Washington, USA

BELS relies on Membership fees to fund our work.



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