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Your subscription supports efforts to maintain and expand the BELS initiative, including the unique global community, development & delivery of our highly-popular UK-focused news flow, events (to which paid-up Members are eligible for discounted entry), plus other efforts to enable connections and increase commerce & collaboration globally. 


  • Primary Membership: Individual alumni of UK universities and others with UK roots working globally outside the UK, and those who have returned to the UK after a spell working overseas.  £275 annual, renewable subscription fee
  • Budget Membership: Limited to very early career entrants who are individual alumni of UK universities and others with UK roots working globally outside the UK. £100 annual, renewable subscription fee.
  • Charter Membership: Individual wishing to champion the BELS cause and help support its operation with an enhanced commitment on an annual basis. £500 annual, renewable subscription fee
  • Sustaining Membership: Individuals willing to invest in the organisation with a three-year commitment. 3 years of membership included. £1,500 3-year, renewable subscription fee
  • Springboard Contributor: Individuals willing to help put the organization on a firmer financial footing, enabling delivery of expanded programming to encourage greater collaboration and faster progress, and supporting our work to extend the global reputation, reach and impact of the UK life sciences sector which is so critical to the UK economy. £5,000 annual, renewable subscription fee
  • Foundational Supporter: Within BELS sits an established, enthusiastic, influential global community of British-educated life scientists working across the health and life sciences in 43 countries at over 1800 organisations outside the UK. BELS was founded on the philosophy that collaboration spurs scientific progress. As a Foundational Supporter, organisations and individuals enable BELS to expand global awareness of the UK health and life sciences and strengthen connections to potential collaborators within the BELS community and beyond. Funding is our greatest challenge. Please contact Nigel Gaymond,
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A reimbursable business expense   Subscription to BELS offers clear strategic benefits to both individuals in the BELS community and the organisations at which they work, especially with regard to international collaboration, business development, and knowledge flows. The UK’s educational institutions produce life science talent aggregated by BELS that is in high demand the world over. BELS celebrates this talent, salutes UK successes, fosters collaboration and commerce, shares information, and enables connections within the community and in the UK