BELS Brief Chats #4 – Dr Rupert Vessey

Dr Rupert VesseyFormer President of Early Development and Research of Bristol Myers
Squibb, now Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Partner at Flagship Pioneeringshares his journey from following the family tradition into medicine with Sir John Bell at Oxford University as his advisor while juggling a love and talent for rugby to then honing in on a career in research that led to his leadership role in R&D at Bristol Myers Squibb. 

“The UK is in a great spot right now. I think they need access to experience and expertise, and I think BELS is able to tap into people who have a real passion for what the UK is doing and what it can continue to do. They [members of the BELS community] can lend their expertise and insights. There really isn’t any other organization that can bring that network of people to bear. And I think that now, more than ever, BELS can have an impact.”