Welcome to BELS British Educated Life Scientists

BELS is a unique, purpose-led, collaborative initiative that is strengthening connections with British-educated life scientists who have risen to positions of power and influence in the health and life sciences around the world.

A Community of international Influencers & Decision Makers

The BELS community has been developed over the past 20 years. We find British-educated life scientists working abroad, track their careers (sometimes back to the UK), and build engagement and trust with them. Most retain a keen interest in the UK.  BELS serves as a connector to help spark and propel collaboration, commerce, and progress for patients by tapping into their interests, influence, reach and collective spirit

BELS expands awareness of and involvement in the UK health and life sciences with the BELS community and a broader international audience.

The UK is a sweet spot: large and connected enough to be world leading in research and innovation,
but small enough to be very well internally-networked, with the NHS as a key inherent connector.” 
Tim Clackson, President & CEO – Theseus Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MA

The BELS List contains a powerhouse of 3,500 accomplished alumni of UK universities working at 1,800 organisations throughout the health and life sciences sector in 43 countries outside the UK.  The influence of these executives, researchers, clinicians, academics and investors is considerable.

  • They play formidable roles in pharma, biotech, medtech, healthtech, and healthcare in industry, government, academia, research institutes, and medical charities throughout the world.
  • They hold considerable sway at their organizations, those which they advise and invest in, and with their industry peers.
  • They hold more than 500 c-suite positions and occupy over 1,000 board seats.

The BELS List is not shared—both to protect BELS members from being inundated with approaches and to exert a level of quality control over interactions. Members’ contact details will never be shared without their expressed permission.  

Serving as a connector into the UK and out to other global markets
We make connections into the UK and other markets. And throughout the year we curate and share news of developments across this complex, important UK sector which is teeming with activity across the country.