Vision, Mission & Aims

Sparking connections  ▪  Encouraging collaboration  ▪  Accelerating innovation

The success of British-educated life scientists reflects well on the UK. Equally, the strength of the UK health and life sciences reflects well on them. BELS works to strengthen connections between British-educated life scientists around the world and this critical UK sector.

BELS Vision

We know our most talented British-educated life scientists working abroad and they know us. They feel well connected to the UK life sciences, and they want to stay engaged throughout their careers.

BELS Mission

BELS builds and nurtures an active, strategic, global community of British-educated life science leaders to mutually benefit them, their organisations, those which they advise, and the health and life sciences sector in the UK and globally.


  • Encourage, equip and enable British-educated life scientists around the world to be more aware of the UK life sciences sector
  • Galvanize BELS community members to play more active roles in the UK health and life sciences
  • Boost international collaboration, commerce, strategic partnerships, inward investment, exports, jobs and investor attention
  • Expand the UK’s global presence in the health and life sciences; strengthen its global reputation, reach, interests and impact
  • Serve as a portal into the UK health and life science sector and out to other international health and life science markets
  • Celebrate the depth and breadth of talent and achievements of British-educated life scientists
  • Encourage interested members of our community to consider returning to the UK, on a full- or part-time basis
  • Provide a mechanism that enables BELS community members to give back to the UK

BELS Serves as a Connector

BELS is equipped to fast track connections to this treasure trove of UK health and life science assets for our Members.  We are plugged into the UK scene and able to make high-level introductions. 

Our health and life science ecosystem is complex and teeming with activity across the country. To keep BELS Members better connected to it, in addition to making introductions, we curate and disseminate UK-focused news of the sector by emailing BELS Brief Clips, posting occasional blogs, and adding refreshers to this website.

Britain gave me a great education I would have struggled to afford in America. The US then gave me great opportunities I would have struggled to find in the UK. In every one of these I have found myself working alongside other Brits with similar experiences. Hopefully, by working together through BELS we can help our counterparts back in the UK create more of these opportunities on home soil.
Dr Vincent Miles, Partner of Abingworth Management, Waltham, Massachusetts

BELS relies on membership fees and Affiliate/Partner support to achieve our vision, mission and aims.

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