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The fight against COVID-19 is resulting in more and accelerated collaboration, better integration, more streamlined regulatory reviews, less time spent on traveling, etc. Adapting to this environment, especially in the near- to medium-term, involves finding ways to engage with specific target audiences, connect to the right individuals, and communicate clearly and concisely. These are BELS strengths.

Since 2000, BELS has been developing and strengthening connections with influential British-educated life scientists around the world. Since moving to London in 2010, we’ve become embedded in the UK health and life sciences and established relationships with leaders across the sector. In 2016 we began curating and disseminating news of developments in the UK health and life sciences as one way to keep British-educated life scientists working abroad better connected to this important UK sector.  Membership of BELS includes subscriptions to this uniquely UK-focused news flow.

  • BELS scours news from the UK health and life sciences throughout the year.  BELS Brief Clips represent curated news items that are periodically emailed to BELS Members with a summary, source and date for each article, along with links to more information.
  • Additional perspectives of this UK sector can be seen in our thought leadership pieces, blogs and reports, updates on UK initiatives and more.

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