The BELS List

The BELS List is comprised of  highly-accomplished health and life science leaders who are British expats and other overseas alumni of UK universities. Their reach and influence is considerable.

  • 3,000 executives, scientists, clinicians, academics and investors who are British expatriates and other overseas alumni of UK universities
  • Playing formidable roles in pharma, biotech and medicine throughout the world
  • At over 1,300 organisations throughout the health and life science sector
  • In 43 countries outside the UK
  • Holding 500+ c-suite positions
  • Occupying more than 1,000 board seats

BELS operates within a set of Guiding Principles, as set out in its standing Pledge to subscribers .

The BELS List will not be shared. This is both to protect members of our community from being inundated with approaches and to exert a level of quality control over interactions.

  • You will always control your involvement as a member of the BELS community.
  • The BELS organisation will act as a screening mechanism to offer you selective, appropriate opportunities for engagement, and to broker your requests for insights, intelligence, introductions and interaction with others in the BELS community.
  • Your contact details will never be shared without your expressed permission.  For further details, please see BELS Terms & Conditions.


C-Suite (11

Scientific & Clinical (4

Commercial (6

Operations (7)