Our new URL: BELSconnector.org

While we started the online presence of British Expats in Life Sciences as BELSgroup.com, it has become increasingly clear that forging stronger connectivity is core to what BELS is all about. We have therefore made a decision to reflect this in our communications, including:

  • BELSconnector.org, our new URL which incorporates connector and .org to better reflect our community-building ethos
  • The BELS Connector, our new upcoming newsletter

BELS is mobilising the amazing talent base of health and life science leaders who are British expats or other alumni of UK universities, strengthening engagement and fostering connections, to mutually benefit them, their organisations and UK plc by providing insights, intelligence, introductions, interactions.  We hope you will:

  • Bookmark BELSconnector.org and visit the site to stay current on news and developments in the UK health & life science sector and within the BELS community
  • Ensure that your spam filters will allow you to receive email from BELSconnector.org
  • Join BELS, a secure, strategic professional network where members have been vetted and affiliates respect boundaries managed by BELS as a trusted intermediary

Best regards

Nigel Gaymond