The BELS List: A treasure trove of talented life scientists

We have recently devoted significant time to completely updating The BELS List, comprised of some 2800 UK expats and overseas alumni of UK universities who are life science leaders working outside the UK. As we launch the BELS membership drive, we certainly welcome your suggestions of individuals to add to the mix.


The chart above represents the professional functions of the 2,800 life science leaders on The BELS List, exemplifying the breadth of this unique community.  We cannot overstate the amazing power and influence of this collection of individuals.

  • Some 90% of them having ascended to powerful and influential positions within the global life sciences outside the UK in 1,300 organisations across 43 countries.
  • They hold over 1,000 board seats.
  • More than 500 of them occupy C-suite positions.

We view this constellation as a powerful extension of the UK health and life science sector, a recognition of the immense talent trained in no small part by the UK’s world class universities, 32 of which rank among the world’s top 200 universities. Strengthening connections between this overseas talent base—to each other and to the UK health and life sciences—is central the mission of BELS.

BELS Member benefits  involve access to insights, intelligence, introductions and interactions, offering mutual advantages for our Members and the UK health and life sciences sectors

We hope you will join BELS today!

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