BELS Member Benefits

BELS sparks and fosters commerce and international collaboration by providing insights and intelligence, introductions and interactions. 

BELS serves as a portal into the UK health and life science sector and out to other global health and life science markets. We do this by proactively providing news, analysis and events; and by reactively responding to requests from Members for information and introductions.

The following benefits of BELS membership relate to individuals who are expats and other overseas alumni of UK universities. Benefits afforded to organisations that are BELS UK Partners can be found here.

Advanges of BELS membership for expats/overseas alumni

BELS offers mutual advantages to individual BELS members (expats & overseas alum), their organisations, the UK, and the global health and life sciences sector.

  • Subscriptions to the BELS news flow: The BELS Connector newsletter, BELS Brief Clips (year-round curation of UK sector news), our blogs,  reports, updates on UK initiatives, etc
  • Invitations to in-person Member events:  BELS Summit, London (2-day event in London); planning is underway for BELS events in other global markets
  • Invitations & access to online Member events: BELS Forum, a series of online leadership events addressing hot topics of the health and life science sector
  • Fostering international collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Connections to the best cross section of British-trained talent across the global health and life sciences whose reach & influence is considerable
  • Diverse perspectives to facilitate global dialogue on the UK health & life sciences
  • Links to other expats/overseas alum, into the UK sector, and/or out to other global health & life science markets
  • Expanding markets for health and life science products and services
  • Connections to appropriate government services and support
  • Opportunities to impact exports, overseas investment & job creation in the sector
  • Sharing insights, ideas & information
  • Increasing knowledge flows involving market insights, trends, innovation, regulation, IP, reimbursement, ethics, standards, & companies
  • Celebrating the depth, breadth of talent, and achievements among our expat/overseas alum health & life science leaders
  • Affording expats an opportunity to give back to the UK
  • Advice & connections for expats who wish to explore returning to the UK
  • Participation in surveys
  • Request surveys

Upcoming Membership Enhancements

  • BELS Leading Lights to celebrate British-trained life science talent abroad
  • BELS Speakers Bureau for members willing to provide thought leadership via a variety of speaking platforms
  • BELS Board & Advisory Committee Registry for members wishing to serve a more active role in UK entities

Depending upon member interest, we are exploring additional programmes as we move forward such as:

  • Job postings
  • Mentoring
  • Internships

A reimbursable business expense   Subscription to BELS offers clear business benefits to both subscribers and their organisations. As such BELS subscription fees should be considered appropriate business expenses for tax purposes and for reimbursement by employers. The benefits of association with BELS are especially clear for international collaboration, business development, and knowledge flows

Your involvement in and support of BELS is an investment in your community.  We look forward to welcoming you and we encourage your active involvement to benefit yourself, your organisation and the sector.

BELS relies on subscriber fees and Partner support to fund our work.  Please subscribe to BELS now!