UK Life Science Leaders

In Support of BELS

“BELS is a very valuable asset.”  Sir John Bell, the Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, Chair of the UK’s Industrial Strategy Board

 “The Alumni Summit assembled a remarkable mix of people… We need to find new ways to talk to each other and work together. This has been a terrific way to start that dialogue.”  Sir John Bell, the Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, Chair of The Alumni Summit

“Universities in the UK generate tremendous expertise in the health and life sciences. Our alumni abroad are not only great ambassadors for our institutions, but are also essential to fostering the sort of international collaboration that is vital to tackling some of today’s great global challenges –ranging from climate change and food security, to antimicrobial resistance and cancer research. That is why BELS and its networks matter.”  Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

“BELS is doing great work – UK Life Sciences have never needed international networking more than at present. BELS has my strong personal support.”   Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive, Medical Research Council, UK

“It would certainly seem that BELS is a very important and influential network and one we should ensure we engage with for relevant topics, especially as we think about the way forward post Brexit, but also more broadly in informing the international life science community about the many positive aspects of the UK environment.”   Dr Ian Hudson, CEO, The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), UK

“The Golden Triangle of Life Sciences of London, Cambridge and Oxford have much to gain by strengthening connections with the UK-trained industry leaders situated across the globe. This biomedical ‘renaissance period’, much founded upon the UK’s world class universities, benefits greatly from international connectedness. The BELS organisation will significantly benefit the sector through its work. I’m delighted to support BELS.”  Eliot Forster, Chairman, MedCity, UK

“UK universities continue to produce some of the world’s greatest leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Many of these individuals have gone abroad and achieved amazing things for patients, industry and society. In parallel, the UK has built many world leading infrastructures and data resources such as the UK Biobank and the Sanger Centre; a number of billion pound companies such as Oxford Nanopore and Immunocore; leadership in open science such as that underway at University of Oxford; and a national healthcare infrastructure that is willing to test, validate and adopt major health care transformations. We in the UK will be better equipped to fully realise the fruits of these investments if we can attract back to the UK some of our great alumni, as these people, with whom BELS is strengthening connections to the UK, can help us generate more affordable health care for ageing societies by pursuing novel win-win partnerships with non-traditional stakeholders, including patient groups, universities, and more collaboration with organisations globally in the sector.”  Professor Chas Bountra, PhD, Chief Scientist & Head of the Structural Genomics Consortium/ University of Oxford

“When I meet with life sciences companies around the world, I am constantly reminded of how many industry leaders were educated in the UK.  Until BELS was created, there was no effort to identify British expats in life sciences let alone bring them together to build a community.  BELS has stepped in to fill this gap and helps life sciences expats to reconnect with the UK; rediscover our world-class capabilities; appreciate the outstanding facilities here; identify potential opportunities and engage with leaders in the UK sector.  The BELS Alumni Summit was an eye opener for many expats – the UK community still boasts cutting-edge science and has a willingness to collaborate and welcome back alumni who want to get involved and give something back.”  Dr Daniel Mahony, Portfolio Manager, Polar Capital, London

“Nigel’s creation of BELS and his determination in building and maintaining the network has created an invaluable asset for the UK. In the coming years we will need a vibrant international group with a desire to see the UK flourish in life sciences and that is what we have in BELS.”  Professor Richard Barker, Chairman, Precision Medicine Catapult, UK; Founding Director, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), UK