By joining you support the work of BELS which is strengthening connections among our United Kingdom of Life Scientists to benefit our Members, their organisations, and our sector in the UK and globally. BELS Members are also eligible for discounted entry to events.

5 Reasons to Join BELS

  1. Accelerate progress, foster commerce & international collaboration in your industry
  2. Stay up to speed on the UK health & life science sector
  3. Strengthen connections with your peers at home & abroad
  4. Access opportunities to connect into UK government, industry, academia, charities, initiatives
  5. Build your business & expand your network
Level Price
BELS Primary Membership £ 275.00  annual, renewable subscripition fee Select
BELS Founding Membership £ 1,500.00
3 years of subscription included
BELS Partner Please click “select”, complete the form, & we will contact you Select

A reimbursable business expense   Subscription to BELS offers clear business benefits to both subscribers and their organisations. As such BELS subscription fees should be considered appropriate business expenses for tax purposes and for reimbursement by employers. The benefits of association with BELS are especially clear for international collaboration, business development, and knowledge flows

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