BELS (British Educated Life Scientists) is a unique, influential, strategic community of British expats and other overseas alumni of UK universities who hold leadership positions globally in the health and life sciences.

“A significant number of UK life sciences expats have gained valuable training in the UK as well as work experience in the UK and abroad (especially in the US). In my experience, all of these expats value an ongoing relationship with the UK as a means of enhancing their (US) operations through an infusion of innovative ideas and groundbreaking research. Expats certainly also get satisfaction from helping the UK but I believe that this must be a secondary motive to having win/win business relationships.”   Dr Ronald Farquhar – Biotech Investor – Morningside, Newton, Massachusetts

Members of the BELS community cherish their ties to the UK and most welcome opportunities to strengthen connections with their homeland. These prestigious assets can be of high value to the UK.  Through its work, BELS is forging diplomatic and economic ties, for mutual benefit, between overseas alumni of UK universities and the UK health and life sciences sector.

The BELS team delivers insights, intelligence, introductions and interactions, serving as a portal into the UK health and life science sector and out to other global life science markets. We foster commerce and international collaboration to benefit our members of our community, their organisations, and the sector in the UK and globally.

The BELS team carefully oversees The BELS List, maintaining trusted relationships with members, serving as their point of contact, accessing them appropriately and sparingly, which is critical as the majority hold leadership positions within their global organisations.

We asked expats & overseas alum, what BELS can do to strengthen connections with the UK?  Some of your suggestions:

  • Introductions, current awareness of the state of the life science in the UK
  • Continue providing news stories about developments and initiatives in the UK
  • Introductions to cancer clinical trial centers
  • Continued meetings like The Alumni Summit, perhaps building local groups
  • Hold more of these events (The Alumni Summit) so that connections made may be strengthened
  • Maintain and develop this event (The Alumni Summit)
  • More meetings with opportunities to connect with UK government, companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, scientists and academic institutions
  • Webinars on BELS

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