Membership Categories & Fees

BELS Membership fees, reviewed and renewed annually, fund administration of the organisation, delivery of member benefits, meeting management/logistics, attendee services, communications, fundraising and marketing.  See Terms & Conditions of BELS Membership.

Primary Membership is open to accomplished individual British expats and other overseas alumni of UK universities who are working globally in the health and life sciences. UK-based life scientists who spent time in a position based abroad are also welcome to join.  Primary Membership fee: £275 annually.  Join now as a Primary Member!

Founding Membership is a special category of membership open to individuals who wish to support BELS upon joining with fees that will cover membership for 3 years. BELS Founding Members are recognized by BELS and may be listed as such in perpetuity (as long as they remain BELS members in good standing), which is one way of exemplifying their leadership commitment and championing of the BELS cause to extend the UK’s heritage of scientific excellence in the spirit of collaboration, innovation and kinship. Founding Membership fee: £1500 which includes BELS Membership for 3 years. Join now as a Founding Member!

BELS Partner status is is open to select organisations interested in strengthening and expanding connections with BELS Members and the sector globally.  When you work with BELS, you gain a global partner with access to information and connections helpful in addressing critical issues and growing your organisation. BELS Partners can generate awareness of their organisations with a global audience of executives, clinicians and academics.

Please complete and submit the Partner contact form.  We will follow up to discuss any questions you might have, establish your expectations, provide details of current Partner rates, and  invoice you with payment details.

A reimbursable business expense   Subscription to BELS offers clear business benefits to both subscribers and their organisations. As such BELS subscription fees should be considered appropriate business expenses for tax purposes and for reimbursement by employers. The benefits of association with BELS are especially clear for international collaboration, business development, and knowledge flows.